LEAN Monthly Bulletin

Countdown to Lewisham Live Crowdfunder!

Lewisham Live Performers

You can support Lewisham Live 2018 today!

Help 1000s of children of all ages perform music and dance across Lewisham. Let’s make lasting memories for children and their families

Arts Learning: news, information, opportunities and more....

July 2017

Information, Opportunities and News for those in Arts Education

June 2017

Opportunities, events and more in arts education

May 2017

News, information, opportunities and more....

April 2017

Arts education news, information, opportunities and more....

March 2017

Opportunities bulletin

Special February 2017 Opportunities Bulletin

There are some jobs and funding opportunities to tell you about, so we are sending a special bulletin to keep you updated.

Arts Education opportunties news and information

February 2017

Arts education news, information, opportunities and more....

January 2017

Happy New Year from LEAN - we hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming events.

What is happening at LEAN in January and February

A Preview for the award winning Science and Arts festival, SMASHfest. There is a Supervolcano about to erupt in South East London. Life as we know it is under threat!

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