LEAN & Lewisham Borough of Culture - Cultural Connectors Programme

Lewisham Education Arts Network (LEAN) is the official Education Partner for Lewisham Borough of Culture 2022.

We want to make sure that every school and educational facility in the borough is kept informed about the news and exciting opportunities that the next 15 months will bring. 

LEAN, as education partner for Lewisham Borough of Culture, will: 

  • Work on behalf of all Lewisham's schools, early years and educational settings. 
  • Act as a bridge between Borough of Culture, schools and early years settings, cultural organisations, artists, and the community sector.
  • Provide timely and straightforward communications by recruiting a Cultural Connector in each and every school setting (and as many early years settings as possible) to be our main point of contact. 
  • Champion equality of opportunities in every sense across the borough. 
  • Support arts engaged school staff to become cultural champions and develop their own projects. 

The best way for schools and educational settings to hear about the plans being made for Lewisham Borough of Culture and how they can be involved is to sign-up as a Cultural Connector. 

Cultural Connectors are named individuals within your organisation, early years, educational setting or group who will receive regular communications about Borough of Culture plans and who will share this information with colleagues, team members, parents … anyone who might be interested in taking part. ​

We don’t want anyone to say they didn’t know it was happening!​

Sign up to be your organisations Cultural Connector HERE!


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