Arts and School Education 2016

Find out more about campaigns to keep arts subjects level with their fellow science, maths and english subjects and changes to formal education (including EBAC and STEAM)


An official Parliamentary petition: Include expressive arts subjects in the Ebacc (English Baccalaureate) Campaign: Deadline 9th May


About the EBACC

  • The Coalition Government introduced the concept of the English Baccalaureate in 2010, and the publishing of the following subjects A-C grades:
  • English, Maths, Science, Modern Foreign Languages and Humanities (History and Geography) are generally known as the 5 Pillars of the English Baccalaureate
  • Introduction of the EBacc immediately had a significant impact on what children studied at secondary school
  • Historic analysis from the Cultural Learning Alliance in 2013 revealed that this disproportionately affected arts courses – especially for pupils in disadvantaged areas
  • Since 2010 the Education System has seen widespread reform
  • EBacc subjects are given special priority and weighting within new measures

This is a summary from information on the Cultural Learning Alliance website - find out more here



You may have heard the term STEM – this is Science Technology Maths and Science

The suggestion is to use STEAM - Science Technology Arts Maths and Science

Find out more (there is more online):


Is art education running out of Steam? The Guardian, 2016

It’s education, stupid. Or, how the UK risks losing its global creative advantage, Design Council 2015