Portal to reach Goldsmiths students

Goldsmiths Careers Service have launched their new portal for advertising volunteering opportunities to Goldsmiths students.

This platform is called CareerSPACE, and you can register your organisation and post volunteering opportunities on here. Please find our guidance on advertising volunteering opportunities below.

You can register here under the ‘Organisation login and registration’ box.

Once you have registered we have to approve your organisation, and you will receive email confirmation when this is done. Once you have received this confirmation you will be able to log in, choose a password and post opportunities as well as exploring future event opportunities on campus. These opportunities are also moderated and will be subject to approval, so they do not appear immediately on the platform.

Their public launch of this system to their student is in January 2017, and they are keen to populate the platform with opportunities before this date.

If you have any issues with registering and posting opportunities you can email them on careerspace@gold.ac.uk