Public Health England,Evaluation Guidance for Arts and Health

This document provides guidance on appropriate ways of documenting the impacts of arts for health and well being, whether through small scale project evaluations or large scale research studies. It suggests a standard framework for reporting of project activities that will strengthen understanding of what works in specific contexts and enable realistic assessment and appropriate comparisons to be made between programmes.

The document is intended for health commissioners, third sector organisations, trainers, funders, practitioners, managers, arts organisations, researchers and others with an interest in the development and evaluation of arts for health and wellbeing programmes. Some arts for health and wellbeing activities, such as clinical evaluation of one-to-one arts therapies, or population-level assessment of the social effects of the arts are outside the scope of this document. The document does not include evaluation theory or detailed guidance about how to use the methodologies suggested. Rather, it seeks to provide a framework whereby the use of arts interventions to support health and wellbeing is built on increasingly robust evaluation.

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