Research: 'Picture of London', Young People and the Creative and Culture Sector, by A New Direction

The infographics have been developed by bringing together a number of different existing datasets, to see what they tell us about the different areas of London.

This set of infographics set out the context behind AND's work, and the background behind many of the challenges that lie ahead for those working with young people in the creative and cultural sector.

The individual sections include:

• Distribution of Pupils by School Type and Population Growth Estimates (Where young Londoners go to school and population change over the next ten years)

• Educational Attainment across London Boroughs (Success at GCSE and progression of young Londoners from age 16)

• Distribution of Cultural Organisations, Audiences and Artsmark (What's going on where, who's taking-part in the arts and density of schools engaged in Artsmark)

• Economic and Cultural Diversity in London (Where different communities are concentrated across London)

You can download AND Data Tables, individual inforgraphics or the whole set here: