School Daze, A Guide to Creating Effective Partnerships with Schools and School Fact Sheets

Useful documents for anyone working with, or thinking of working with schools in the UK.

Since we drew your attention to the useful documents produced by Children England as part of Engage London (see below), they produced an up dated version in June 2016 of School Daze.

Children England and Engage London have produced a document, called School Daze, which includes information on the changing landscape of school structures, terminology and more:

Sections are:

1. Background information on schools

2. Selling your services to schools

3. Demonstrating impact

4. Other useful information

5. Jargon Buster

6. Useful Links


There is a useful description (if brief) for the variety of different kinds of schools: community schools; academies; voluntary aided; free schools etc. The jargon buster is useful too, although quite short.

If you would like to know what types of schools exist in Lewisham get in touch with LEAN.

More documents, including School Fact Sheets are attached and can be downloaded here:


  • Schools: Policy Context
  • Schools: Funding Reform
  • Schools: Performance and Accountability
  • Effective VCS Engagement With Schools