University Research Departments in Arts Ed

Research which maybe of interest if you work with children, especially those in arts education and learning

This ongoing list aims to provide a resource point for arts education research. We well come suggestions from our community. Do you have something to add? Please email


Centre on the developing child, Harvard University

Key concepts include:

  • Brain Architecture
  • Serve and Return
  • Toxic Stress
  • Executive Function
  • Resilience
  • Innovation


'Working with and alongside children, young people, families and adults exposed to social disadvantage and inequalities is at the heart of our work.  Resilience research and practice provides powerful knowledge to help people having particularly tough times.'

A Community Partnership Organisation with University of Brighton.


Institution of Education, UCL

Wide amount of research including Centre for MultiModal Research


Centre for Real World Learning, University of Winchester

'Our primary focus is on approaches to teaching and learning that impact the development of positive learning dispositions in learners. We give equal attention to the practical and vocational, as well as to academic learning in schools and colleges.' Professor Stephanie Pitts music sheffield Kings College University, ‘Learning Beyond The Classroom ex-primary teacher John Potter. He is a researcher at The Institute of Education

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