Using New Technologies: Promoting Safe and Responsible Use

In spring 2011 LEAN in partnership with Voluntary Action Lewisham (VAL) organised a workshop examining the safety implications of using new technologies to engage with children and young people. Some resources from this workshop by expert in the field, Chris Atkinson, are available for you to download.

The workshop covered the following areas:

• Should we use Facebook to promote an event? Is it safe?

• Should staff and volunteers be allowed to use camera enabled phones to take photos of children?

• What are the risks to children and young people using social networking?

• What do I do if a child approaches me for advice on staying safe online?

• How do I get inappropriate content removed from a social networking site?

This workshop was aimed at anyone working within the field of children and young people and using social media, or thinking of doing so, to organise, promote and advertise events in the VCS or statutory sectors. This includes the designated safeguarding person, communications and events or social media manager, front-line staff and practitioners, managers and volunteers.

Chris Atkinson, Online safety and content management consultant, presented and trained throughout the workshop and has kindly allowed us to reproduce some of the materials for our members benefit.

We would be interested in running the workshop again if there is enough demand, please let us know if you would be keen to attend. Alternatively you can contact Chris Atkinson, Online safety and content management consultant, directly.

M: 07961224839