The Warwick Commission Report

On cultural value in the UK

Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth

After a year long study into cultural value in the UK, the 17th February 2015 saw the launch of the final report from the Warwick Commission.

The Warwick Commission comments:

'The report argues that the Cultural and Creative Industries are one entity, an ecosystem, which is becoming increasingly important to British life, the British economy, and Britain’s place in the world. It calls for joined-up policy making and a national plan for the sector that maximises cultural, economic and social return. The Commission’s analysis throws down a sharp challenge to all those who value how culture enriches people’s lives and makes a range of recommendations as to how we can ensure everyone has access to a rich cultural education and the opportunity to live a creative life.'

Messages and responses
on the report are featured on their website, including the following:

Bob and Roberta Smith, artist
'... Almost 100 years ago the Bauhaus emerged out of the ruins of Europe to develop a new, modernist language in which developments in technology were to thrive. Digital technology presents a similar seismic revolution. This fascinating and detailed report requires that all involved in the Arts and Government act to imagine and design the future and that everyone is involved in this fruitful negotiation.'

Amanda Nevill, Chief Executive, BFI
'We live in an age where creativity is a driving force of the economy, whether behind fashion, film or fan based video games. This report reminds us that unlike manufacturing, where innovation has to be followed with a cookie-cutter production, the creative industries, (and film is a great example) instead depends on an ability to constantly re-invent, in such a way as to repeatedly capture our hearts, emotions and imagination anew every time…. Talent is everywhere, but opportunity often isn’t, and the richness and depth of future success, creatively and economically, depends on us winkling out that talent no matter where it is.'


You can download the report in a number of different formats here