Working with Education Institutions

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This section provides a list of resources and information. Each resource has been classified according to the category heading.

LEAN have produced a New Landscapes Resource Sheet to guide you through some of the changes to the education system.

The Arts Council invests £10m a year in a network of ten Bridge delivery organisations which provide a direct bridge between the work of arts organisations and schools and communities.

Here is a list of ideas and links to websites to help improve behaviour management within the learning environment.

ANDtogether is an interactive list of programmes and opportunities from London's arts and cultural organisations for London schools.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for Education have responded to recomendations outlined in a report on Cultural Education in England.

Governing boards have an important responsibility to ensure that their school offers pupils a wide and varied curriculum, and creative teaching and learning is a core component of this. 

Arts Council England, Music Mark and the National Governors Association have produced a resource to support you in your role as governor and critical friend.

'Cultural engagement in London schools: key messages from the rapid evidence assessment' was published in June 2012 by the National Foundation for Educational Research on behalf of A New Direction.The report explores the evidence for the extent, motivations and barriers relating to cultural engagement in London schools.

The Cultural Learning Alliance publish regular updates on education policy on their website, and produce a regular newsletter.

The DCSF was renamed the Department for Education and formed on 12 May 2010. It is responsible for education and children's services.

The Department of Education released drafts of the new Primary National Curriculum in June 2012.

Forest Hill School, a specialist school in performing arts, produces a regular newsletter detailing news and achievements.

Lesson plans are used by teachers to ensure that all areas are covered when planning and delivering lessons.

Lewisham Council commissioned a report in 2015 to develop a vision for education in Lewisham. One of the recommendations was the creation a partnership to establish a school-led system of school improvement, Lewisham Learning.

The school improvement partnership for Lewisham. What is Lewisham Learning's vision, values, role and function?

Lewisham has a number of teaching schools alliances. Find out more about teaching schools and what the alliances in Lewisham do on this page.

From lesson and resource ideas to behaviour management techniques, this Guardian article explores how Pinterest offers a wide range of support and inspiration for teachers with young students.

Useful documents for anyone working with, or thinking of working with schools in the UK.

Information, guidance and tools that help schools design a curriculum can be found at National Curriculum online.

When working with schools, it is useful to understand how the school system in England works.

Plan ahead, know when the school holidays are

The Arts Council publication ‘Artists Working in partnership with Schools’ sets out clear guidelines and suggested measures that can be applied to commissioning, planning and delivery of education work in schools.