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This section provides a list of resources and information. Each resource has been classified according to the category heading.

A presentation, made by Kevin Sheehan, Head of Strategy London Borough of Lewisham in 2010, provides demographic information on matters such as employment rates, education and health in Lewisham and London.

The DCSF was renamed the Department for Education and formed on 12 May 2010. It is responsible for education and children's services.

Exploring the opportunities Digital presents is essential for charities and there is a wealth of free advice and guidance available to get us started.

The Department of Education released drafts of the new Primary National Curriculum in June 2012.

Do, Review, Improve…

A quality framework for use in music-making sessions working with children in Early Years settings.

Some statistics for Lewisham's early year sector

Useful links to resources and articles looking at Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 

Forest Hill School, a specialist school in performing arts, produces a regular newsletter detailing news and achievements.

When planning and delivering an arts project, it is important to consider health and safety issues from the outset.

At the planning stage one needs to consider participants, supporting adults, artists and visitors as well as likely venues, potential hazards arising from the immediate environment and the project itself.

Key considerations for the supporter journey on your charity website.

Get more of the products you need for less.

Inspiring Impact is an international collaborative programme, working with the charity sector to help organisations know what to measure and how to measure

We can help you do Arts Award

Lesson plans are used by teachers to ensure that all areas are covered when planning and delivering lessons.

Audiences London (now known as The Audience Agency) produced a profile of the borough's residents, which gives an insight into developing audiences for cultural activities.

Lewisham's last Arts Strategy focused on making Lewisham a creative borough with a thriving arts sector, vibrant communities and active residents.

Information from our Early Years Symposium which took place in December 2013

Lewisham Council commissioned a report in 2015 to develop a vision for education in Lewisham. One of the recommendations was the creation a partnership to establish a school-led system of school improvement, Lewisham Learning.

The school improvement partnership for Lewisham. What is Lewisham Learning's vision, values, role and function?

This new hub is an exciting network of organisations working together to improve and support access to music for young people age 5 to 18 in Lewisham. 

LRMN offers free, independent and confidential advice and information on issues such as immigration, health, housing, education, welfare benefits, training and employment.

Lewisham has a number of teaching schools alliances. Find out more about teaching schools and what the alliances in Lewisham do on this page.

Lewisham's Arts and Resilience Community of Practice compiled a Toolkit for those who are interested in how arts practice can build resilience in young people. Image created by Tea Dance for Little People/Creative Homes

Useful websites, blogs and twitter accounts for people wanting to share information, find out what is going on locally and learn what different groups, organisations and people are doing within Lewisham.

Funding bodies are increasingly asking for measures that capture real impact, beyond traditional outcomes and wellbeing is now widely recognised as an evidence-informed, established approach to understanding how your service, project or programme makes a difference. What Works Wellbeing has put together useful resources to help charities measure their impact.