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December 2017

Find below a list of stories added over the last month. Sometimes we have stories posted that have very short lead-times. Please accept our apologies for anything where the deadline has passed. You can make contact with the organisation to see when they are next running their event / training course etc. or you can subscribe to our RSS feed to keep up to date. If you can't view this email properly you can view it on the website

Arts education news, information, opportunities and more....

October 2017

Info, news, opps and more for those working with the arts and children and young people

September 2017 - Wishing everyone a good Autumn Term


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July 2017

Information, Opportunities and News for those in Arts Education

June 2017

Opportunities, events and more in arts education

May 2017

News, information, opportunities and more....

April 2017

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