IBM Charity Skills Masterclass - Introduction to Project Management

This is an interactive workshop provide participants with an understanding of the basic principles and concepts of project management.

This Masterclass will introduce participants to the basic principles and concepts of project management. IBM volunteers will take participants through a series of structured activities – some in plenary, some in small groups. This workshop will explore:

  • Why project management is a vital skill and how to develop effective practices.
  • Why some projects fail and how the risk of this happening can be minimised. 
  • How to apply a project management approach to a real project of your own.

All attendees will be given step-by-step support from some of IBM’s experienced project managers.

Booking: You must be a member of Small Charities Coalition in order to attend this workshop. If you aren't already you can register for free here. Tickets are limited to two individuals per organisation. Follow this link to book:

Mon, 12/02/2018 - 09:30 - 16:30
Contact Name: 
Felicity Christensen