Talk about...ART & SOCIAL CHANGE

Sat, 17/06/2017 - 11:00 - Sat, 08/07/2017 - 16:00

Talk about...ART & SOCIAL CHANGE in partnership with St Margaret's C of E Primary School explores the movement that restored traditional crafts, made everyday items things of beauty and made craftsmen and women respected members of society.

Admission to the exhibition at St Margaret's Church, Lee, Lee Terrace SE13 5DN is FREE OF CHARGE. Come and enjoy free activities for all the family.

In the wake of the industrial revolution Britain was no longer a collection of isolated market towns and rural communities but a world leader in mechanisation and mass production. But getting trampled underfoot were the traditional crafts and working methods that had been the lifeblood of regional areas for centuries.

The vision of the Arts & Crafts Movement was not only to restore the value of these traditional crafts but to promote a quality of design that made everyday items into things of beauty.

In this exhibition we will look at how the Arts & Crafts Movement was started, how its influence redressed the balance of social change (particularly for women artists) and how it promoted an ideal that spread across the world.

As part of the exhibition we are offering FREE workshops to local schools run by TAA artist and workshop leader Simon Purins and each Saturday one of our artists in residence will be running drop in workshops for all the family. Download the leaflet for full details.

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