Members Page

In this section you will find our annual reports and accounts, annual general meeting minutes and documents, the LEAN development plan and policies and minutes from board meetings.

LEAN represents the art s sector and the wider voluntary and community sector on a number of Boards and partnership groups. Voluntary Action Lewisham is also responsible for electing voluntary sector representatives to many partnership groups. In 'members documents' you will find a list of the most recently elected representatives. Contact Jane Hendrie if you would like some more information on the different groups and what they discuss.

You will also be able to view and upload to our clash diary; this diary is for members to log their events, workshops, performances and training course prior to posting them publicly. You can use this diary to check if anything you are planning clashes with similar activities in the borough and, potentially, to identify organisations you wish to collaborate with. For example, you might see that an organisation has a youth drama festival planned for March and wish to align your drama performances with theirs.

In the meetings section you will be able to see when LEAN board meetings are taking place and upload your own meetings if they are open to LEAN members. If you wish to invite any visitor to the LEAN website to your meeting, please upload the details to the events section.