ACE consultation on their 10 year strategy

Arts Council England is consulting on their next 10 year strategy. Have your say! Deadline to contribute to the conversation is 11 April 2018.


ACE want to make sure arts, musems and libraries in England are thriving for the next decade, and they want our thoughts about how best they can do that. For the next 12 weeks (until 11 April) they are working with insight and strategy specialists BritainThinks to have an open conversation with anyone that has a stake in or an opinion on the future of arts and culture in England. This is the first in five phases they will go through to shape the strategy for 2020-30. 


You can find their existing strategy 'Great Art and Culture for Everyone' here >


Darren Henley comments in a recent blog, ‘There remains much to be done, especially in widening access to the arts to all socio-economic groups and diverse audiences, and ensuring that the workforce and leadership of the arts and culture world is representative of England in the 21st century. We also have a long way to go to catch up with the digital revolution.


‘Now it’s time to look to the future, and to think how we want to shape the next strategy, which will run from 2020 to 2030. There are many questions that come to mind. How is the world changing and how should our priorities reflect this?  How can we prepare for continuing uncertainty in public funding? What impact will leaving the EU have? What skills and resources do we need to best support the sector? What can we do to strengthen the social impact of our work? How can we become more open, accessible and diverse? How can we respond to the challenges and opportunities of new technology?  Do we need more emphasis on participation? What will we do to ensure that we develop the next generation of audiences and practitioners? The Arts Council and I want to know what you think; we want all of you to take part in this debate. We will listen carefully to your views, so that we can put together a strategy that once again, reflects our collective ambition and vision.


Find more information on the ACE website, including the link to register to join the conversation.


LEAN is joining the conversation; let us know your views too. Email Jane or Alison.