Department of Education Summer School Guidance Announced

On 30 March the Department for Education (DfE) published Summer Schools Guidance which forms part of the funding announced in February as part of their Recovery package for children.

Funding is available for secondary schools, and is based on the school’s existing year 7 cohort.  Schools will receive a daily rate per place, based either on 50% of their year 7 cohort being offered a place on a two-week programme, or on 100% of the cohort being offered a week-long programme.

‘The daily rate for a pupil place is £59.70. Schools will receive the full per-pupil daily rate for any pupil for whom a place was delivered in line with this guidance.’

The funding equates to £597 per two-week place, with £1,791 per place available for pupils in special schools, special units within mainstream schools and alternative provision.

This funding must be used for provision delivered during the school summer holidays and schools can choose to run a one- or two-week summer school, and involve different pupils over the period, which could mean more pupils benefit from a shorter summer school.


Working with Arts and Cultural Organisations:

The guidance gives schools clear permission to work with local arts and cultural organisations to deliver their summer schools:

‘Partner organisations can play a key role, ranging from providing arts, media and sports expertise to managing summer schools.’

and encourages them to consider how the arts can form part of the enrichment activities:

‘Schools could consider working with any local cultural provision, for example working with their local library on reading events, or organising visits to local museums or galleries.’

For more information, visit the website.