Freelancer's Breakfast Club - A great opportunity for artists

Dance Artist Maria Lothe shares her experience taking part in the Freelancer’s Breakfast Club about online self-promotion, July 2018

I had a great time at the Freelancer’s Breakfast Club last week, learning about online self-promotion for artists, and meeting other freelancers working within different fields of art. If you have not been to the Breakfast Club before, I highly recommend it. It’s such a great initiative by LEAN, and a great way for freelancers to get together and share their thoughts, ideas or concerns. It’s a relaxed, open and friendly environment open to both emerging and established artist.

As a freelancer I often work alone, and I think it’s valuable to be part of a group and community of artists with a variety of knowledge and experience. I`m an artist based in Lewisham, and work as a choreographer, performer and arts facilitator, often in collaboration with visual artists ( Recently I have also had the pleasure to work with LEAN, assisting them on BRAG (Bellingham Regeneration Arts Group) after being an intern for Lewisham Live Festival.

The guest speaker Jennifer Robinson is the founder and director of Women of the Lens Film Digital Broadcast Festival (@womenofthelens) and PR Consultant and Founder of Eshé Media. Being an emerging artist, I thought it was very useful to hear what she had to say.

Jennifer talked about the language of self-promotion and that it’s a way of displaying yourself as an artist, rather than bragging or showing off. “As a freelancer, you cannot be shy or be a wallflower, you need to be confident in what you do – people are attracted to confidence.” You need to have a voice and a brand as an artist, with a clear message/ethos, and find a way of communicating this clearly and consistently.  Jennifer talked about the common social media platform, like facebook, Instagram, twitter and websites, and she recommended to choose the ones you like and know you can be consistent with. Buffer/ Hootsuite /e-clincher are easy to use scheduling sites, where you can plan and schedule posts, saving you valuable time. These are some of the information she shared with us, which was followed by an open group discussion.

Thank you both to LEAN and to Jennifer, already looking forward to the next Freelancer’s Breakfast Club. If you haven’t been before, join the next one 30th October. The more people attending, the more we show how much this initiative is needed!

With all the best wishes,
Maria Lothe