How to produce video content remotely

Charity Digital have created a guide to some creative workarounds to create content from home including links to DIY resources.

The article by Christine Chiu explains how 'video content can be produced by external or internal professionals, and low-cost software can help charity producers create online tutorials, fundraising, and virtual content.'

subjects covered are:

Why use video content?

Top tips for producing video content remotely 

  • Producing video content with archived footage
  • Vlogging and diaries can help charity digital leaders share experiences
  • Showcasing video content produced by supporters
  • Video production software and resources are available

Production agencies 

Do-it-yourself videos 

Resources include creating template videos remotely. Biteable, the online video content creator allows charity digital leaders to follow a pre-set template to produce video content. The templates are organised by theme, so producers can select a concept and then customise. Customisation is user-friendly – producers can add text, photos, or additional video content to pre-set infographics, text boxes, and video look throughs.

Stock content

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