On 7 September 2016 the Lewisham Mayor and Cabinet approved the next stage of the Music Service’s transfer out from the Council to a newly formed charitable organisation, Lewisham Music.

The Mayor and Cabinet’s decisions and accompanying papers can be seen here: (item 477)
The Music Service and Hub are grateful to all of you who contributed to the consultation. This next step has allowed them to set up a small board of shadow Trustees, to apply to Charity Commission, and to continue with the process which will ensure the transfer is carried out in accordance with Council and legal guidance.
The transfer is being led by the Music Service. It is not being enforced by Lewisham Council. It will be carried out in such a way as to minimise any negative impact on their delivery. The transfer is not being explored for any other reason than to bring benefits to users and stakeholders through increased opportunities for fund-raising and greater control in making bespoke improvements in future operation and delivery.
Please contact the Music Service on 020 8314 6454 or by email at for more information.