When Cells Misbehave - free sessions for primary schools

Opportunity for Lewisham schools

"When Cells Misbehaveā€ is a free show about the science of cancer for children in primary years 5 and 6 to help them understand how and why cancer grows, how cancer is treated, and ways to keep their own cells healthy.

Giant textile models, animation, role play and practical experiments will be used to make sophisticated concepts accessible to this age group.

This exciting event was created and developed by a collaborative group o fscience communicators, cancer scientists, clinical cancer nurses, psychologists, school counselling advisors, teachers and parents.

Teachers are given training beforehand to increase their knowledge, and confidence in supporting children affected by cancer in their families and communities.

Get in touch with Caroline to find out more caroline@fruitflycollective.com

Find out more here: http://fruitflycollective.com/cancer-education-primary-schools/

Funded by Wellcome Trust, limited number of sessions free to Lewisham Schools.

18/04/2017 - 30/05/2017
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