LEAN provides two RSS Feeds. One feed gives all new information on the latest events, news, professional development courses and opportunities. The second feed gives information on the latest advice, projects, members meetings and members documents.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can subscribe to these feeds by clicking on the feed link and then you will be given an option to "Subscribe to this feed". Once you have subscribed to the feed, it works in the same way as adding a page to your favourites. You can go back to the feed at any time by clicking on the favourites button, and then clicking on the feed tab.

You can also subscribe to the feed using Outlook. This will mean everytime a new item is added to the website, you can receive an email about it. To subscribe to a feed using Outlook, if you go to your list of mail folders, there will be one folder called RSS feeds. Right click on this folder and there will be an option to "Add a new RSS Feed". You just need to add the address of the feed here.

It is also possible to use feed reader applications. You can find free feed reader applications by searching for "feed reader" in Google. Two possibilities are SharpReader and Google Reader.