Lewisham Arts Festival Fund

Next deadline 30 August

Lewisham Council are looking to fund arts festival projects led by not-for-profit organisations and groups. A ‘festival’ can consist of an event/events, a series of workshops or arts programming that residents of Lewisham can access.

Lewisham Arts Festival Fund supports projects that:
  • Enhance the identity of Lewisham
  • Generate new participants and audiences and support existing ones
  • Engage and enrich local communities
  • Strengthen local areas and neighbourhood partnerships
  • Provide a platform and offer professional development for local artists
  • Deliver economic benefits to the local community and the borough
  • Projects are also welcomed that support and develop volunteering opportunities.

Lewisham Festival Fund will pledge a maximum of 70% of the total cost of your project. The maximum pledge will be £4,000.

At least 30% of the total cost of your project needs to come from other sources, including Crowdfunder pledges, grants from other funders including those on Crowdfunder http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/funds excluding other Lewisham Council departments or the Small and Faith Crowdfunder fund, and in-kind contributions or earned income (for example through ticket sales).

  • Wednesday 30 August – Deadline for projects to be ready for pledges. To be ready for pledges you must have 30% of funding raised or 15% if 15% of your budget is in-kind.

More on Lewisham Council's website and Lewisham arts Crowdfunder page

13/07/2017 - 30/08/2017
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020 8314 9608